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Eclipse Driver

Diver is a dynamic analysis tool for Java that integrates scalable sequence diagram views with an interactive trace-focused UI in Eclipse. It provides sophisticated debugging support for understanding and exploring features of interest. Through a series of plugins for Eclipse, Diver allows you to: – easily record and capture traces of your runni…

OSB 11g – A Hands-on Tutorial

Siva's Blog

I published a OSB11g tutorial considering the use case described in my earlier blog posts. The tutorial can be accessed from here as I am not sure on how to place it in OTN. I would like to know your valuable comments on this. The WSDLs and other material used in this tutorial can be downloaded from here.

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Using Repository Creation Utility (RCU)

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This post is in continuation to the previous post that talked out the OSB installation and setup of Dev environment in Eclipse IDE. In this post, we will see the database dependency of OSB.

Much of the functionality provided with Oracle Service Bus (OSB) does not have any database dependency. Refer to the oracle blog post here that talks about the same. But there are 2 reasons why we need to look into database as well:

  • OSB Reporting functionality which is provided as one of the service monitoring features, needs database tables to store reporting data. By default, derby internal database is used for this purpose or we can configure to use any other schema during WLS domain creation.
  • And one of the major features included in OSB11g is integration with the Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM). OWSM provides policy based security solution to secure the proxy services. These out…

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Repository Creation Utility (RCU) Installation On Windows OS

Oracle Fusion Middleware

The RCU creates all the needed schemas required by the SOA Suite.
You can find RCU installation here:

More information about the RCU and schmeas creation:

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Number Sense Craftivity

Relief Teaching Ideas

– Students trace their hands, cut out & glue down onto A3 paper, except for the fingers!

They can then make sums to 10 by folding the fingers down & counting, and recording the sums underneath.

Older students can use this craft to learn the 9 times table finger trick!

Fold down the finger that you are multiplying 9 by (e.g. For 6×9 you would fold down the 6th finger). Count how many fingers are to the left of that folded down finger (5) & how many are to the right of that finger (4). That is your answer! 6 x 9 = 54!


I originally saw this idea on this page: but I didn’t have a cricut machine to make the hands.

Instead the kids trace their own hands to work with. I also decided to get them to record their sums underneath as a way to consolidate…

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The Story of Jibreel (AS)


Jibreel (AS) is the first being that Allah (SWT) ever gave life to. He was created before heaven and hell as per the hadith recorded in Bukhari.

When Allah (SWT) created the Garden, He asked the Angel Jibreel (AS) to go and take a look at it. So he went and looked at the Paradise and at all that Allah had prepared for its inhabitants. Then he said “O My Lord! By Your Honour, No one who hears about this place would stay away from it.” Then Allah surrounded the Paradise by difficulties and hardships and asked Jibreel again to go and take another look. Jibreel went again and after looking at it came back and said “O My Lord! By Your Honour, I am afraid now that no one will be able to enter it.” Then after Allah created the Hell, He asked Jibreel to go and take a…

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