How to initialize Spring Framework inside JAX-WS Service


This page describes how to write a JAX-WS, Spring Framework based web service.

JAX-WS makes it easier to write web services in Java. It shilds the programmer from implementation
specifics just like JDBC API did for databases.

The two popular implementations out there are the Apache CXF and the Java Reference Implementation. This page describes an application that will run on both.

The project will be tested in Tomcat 6 with the Reference Implementation and we will move to JBoss that has a built in CXF implementation.

Few Notes about the application servers

  • Tomcat 6 does not ship with JAX-WS RI (needs to be installed) or the Spring Framework (needs to be included in the WAR)
  • JBoss 5.1 has the CXF and Spring Framework built in to the server. Therefore don’t provide your own JAX-WS or spring implementation JARS.
  • The Spring application context should be initialized first. Use the ContextLoaderListener…

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